Secret Place

Words & Music: Steve Hughes      

Secret Place – the video


Draw me to the Secret Place up on the Holy Hill

Above the frantic, worried pace, beyond the shadowed veil.

Lead me through the Inner Court; lead me through the haze

Lead me to Your presence, Lord, where I can see Your Face, Oh Lord.            X2


Take me to Your presence, God most high

Lord, my soul is thirsty, hear my cry

Let me see Your glory, once before I die

Oh Lord, I come to You.



Here we are in the Secret Place

We stand on holy ground

My fears are swept away by Your warm embrace.

And every part of my broken heart

lying shattered at Your feet…

Is healed by the wounds of the One pierced for me.


Alone with You in the Secret Place

I give my life away

I lay it down before the Throne of Grace

And as I bow in Your presence now

Take my life and let it be…

An offering of love to the One who died for me.