LENT AND LIFE: The Journey Explained

And so the journey begins – the journey to the Cross! In one sense, we make this trek once a year. It begins on Ash Wednesday and ends on Good Friday, the day we commemorate the death of the Son of God who loves us and gave Himself for us; the day we ‘survey the wondrous Cross on which the Prince of Glory died”! It is a journey of reflection, remembrance, and repentance, often marked with solemnity and sacrifice.

In another sense, the journey begins when, in response to God’s grace, faith is first activated in the human heart. For me, it was almost five decades ago when, as a 12-year-old boy, I knelt at a wooden altar in the tabernacle at Delanco Camp in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey, USA, confessed my sins to Jesus, accepted His forgiveness, and began a new life with His Spirit living inside me. It was the moment I was ‘born again’! I like to call it “the Divine Exchange”: my sin for His sacrifice; my confession for His forgiveness; my brokenness for His healing. In response to God’s grace, my faith was activated, and my journey began. It is a journey of discovery, discipleship, and detachment, but one that is marked with unconditional love, ineffable joy, and inexplicable peace.

And so it continues. It will continue beyond the Cross … to the Resurrection … and beyond, when one day, face to Face I will meet the One who saved me by His grace, I will feel the touch of His nail-scarred hand on my shoulder, and I will hear Him say to me, “Well done, My good and faithful servant, and welcome to Paradise, My dear, completed friend!”

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Today and Every Day

Today and every day, give thanks, with a grateful heart!

In the midst of the storm when the tempest is raging, give thanks – the Master who calms the troubled seas is by your side.

When the future looks bleak, give thanks – the God of Hope goes before you and prepares the way.

When your strength is depleted, give thanks – He gives strength to the weak and rest to the weary.

When the enemy comes in like a flood and you feel defeated, give thanks – the ‘God of Angel Armies’, your Defender, walks beside you.

When it seems that all is lost and all you have worked for has come to nothing, give thanks – your Heavenly Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.

When the cupboards are bare, the accounts are empty, and the prospects are grim, give thanks – Jehovah Jireh is your Provider.

When you feel alone, isolated and lonely, give thanks – He will never leave you or forsake you.

When you feel unloved, unwanted and misunderstood, give thanks – the Almighty God of the Universe loves you with an everlasting, unconditional love.

When you have lost your way, give thanks – your good Shepherd is leading you through the valley of darkness into a place of vast verdant fields and cool refreshing water.

When illness and pain have gripped your body and soul, give thanks – your Great Physician knows the cure and there is healing in His wings.

When nations are in turmoil, battles abound and the people are filled with fear, give thanks – the King of Heaven rules over all the earth.

When life seems futile, hopeless and without purpose, give thanks – the God of all the ages knows your name and has engraved it on His hand.

In all things give thanks, with a grateful heart, for God is good indeed!

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Thoughts on the Third Strand (a little inspirational piece about the sanctify of marriage in the spirit of the Declaration of Independence)

When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for children to alter the familial bands which have connected them with their parents, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station of Holy Matrimony to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, it is proper and fitting that a man and a woman shall leave their respective father and mother, and shall cleave unto one another, thus becoming One Flesh. It is fitting too that, in the very fabric of this Matrimonial Union, among the independent sinews which constitute the whole, a Divine Strand be intimately woven which shall, most assuredly, vivify, strengthen and sanctify the Marriage Bond.

three strand rope_edited1_uprightWe hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men and women are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, the pursuit of Happiness, and the holy state of Nuptial Union. When any man, woman, religious, civil or political institution, philosophy, lifestyle or circumstance becomes destructive and seeks to dissolve or otherwise weaken this Sacred Union, all due diligence must be applied to ensure that such negative forces be rendered powerless and non-effective. This Matrimony, conceived and instituted by God, when tenderly and delicately woven with that third and Divine Strand, shall not be easily broken. What God hath joined together, let no one tear asunder.


* The wording of this piece is derived largely from the American Declaration of Independence and the motif is inspired by Genesis 2:24Ecclesiastes 4:12Hebrews 13:4, and Mark 10:9 in the Holy Bible.  I do not claim complete originality and no copyright infringement is intended.

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Sovereign Wisdom and Perfect Love

When I reflect on the events and the circumstances I have experienced over the years; when I “ponder anew what the Almighty can do” and marvel at the way He has so skillfully woven His will into the tapestry of my life; when I consider the sundry pathways upon which I have traveled – the mountains, the valleys, the sharp turns and dark tunnels; when I think of how the Master Potter continues to shape and mold me into an image that is both beautiful to His eyes and functional in His hands; how could I ever put my trust in anything less than His sovereign wisdom? Then as I begin to search the Scriptures to learn, to grow, to seek the face of my Creator, I find a God who  defies every earthly definition of love, who defines the very term itself, and who demonstrates it powerfully in the perfect sacrifice of His Son Jesus Christ and I am gripped by the irony, by the scandal, and the power of the Cross, upon which the Son of Glory bore the weight of all my sin, took the punishment that I deserve – and died for me!

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The Heartbeat of Prayer

There is no greater work on earth in which to engage than prayer. There is no greater power to possess, no greater weapon to employ, no greater instrument to wield, no greater strategy to effect change in the world than prayer.  There is no closer communion, no sweeter fellowship and no deeper bond than that which we experience with God in prayer.  It is the heartfelt cry of the creature to the Creator; the sacred tryst of the mortal with the Immortal; the intimate exchange between the human and the Divine! Prayer is, at the same time, the easiest, and the most difficult form of communication.  It requires only the faith of a small child yet often demands the discipline of a master.  It is our humble service in the present age, and our greatest investment in the age to come.  

Through prayer, God supplies all we need to live lives that honor Him, all we need to do His will, and all we need to stand firm in the face of the enemy’s wicked schemes. Therefore, our adversary, the devil, will do everything in his limited power to block the channel of prayer. He will stoop to the lowest level and stop at nothing to keep us from praying. He will employ every trick, every device and every strategy to distract us from our time alone with God. He will lie to us, steal from us, torture us and deceive us in every possible way; his aim is to destroy. God’s aim is to give life. Therefore, do not give the enemy a foothold. Resist Him and he will flee from you. Draw near to God. Consciously, deliberately, intentionally, draw near to God, and He will draw near to you.  Find solace, strength, wisdom and hope in the shadow of His wings.    

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Snow Covers

Seems like just yesterday it was summer. The land around me was teeming with lush green grass and tall flourishing trees. The gently rolling, blue hills in the distance and the misty rays of sunshine forming arbitrary boundaries around the fields completed the perfect backdrop for this idyllic setting.

Now it’s Friday morning, December 13th, and I am seated comfortably on the couch in my warm and well-appointed home in Damascus, MD. The sound of German Weinachtsmusik fills the air.  In front of me is the mantel piece, tastefully adorned in festive array.  Just to the right of the empty fireplace, is our imitation Christmas tree decorated as ornately and majestically as ever. To the far left, in the next room, is a second tree – a real one – a touch of the Victorian. But my eyes are diverted to the view outside the big picture window on my right. The sun is shining brightly, and the sky is cerulean blue without a cloud in sight. The trees are mostly bare except for the traces of icy snow that line the bigger branches, and of course the evergreens off in the distance. The ground is still completely snow-covered, and although glistening in the sunshine, the pure, unspoiled look of the freshly fallen stuff has gone.

And I’m thinking, not of the beauty that captures my gaze, but of that which lies beneath: the cold, hard ground, callous and unyielding. The snow provides a superficial and transient covering, but the ground is still cold, hard, callous and unyielding. It’s like many a human heart. My heart, I know, has been affected by the cold; hardened by the subtle deceitfulness of sin and the tantalizing treasures that glimmer in the darkness. I have been swayed, at times, by popular opinion and desensitized by godless dissipation; I have allowed my soul to be satisfied with emptiness and my heart, consequently, has grown callous and unyielding. But I like the snow because it covers everything and makes beautiful, that which is sometimes barren and lifeless. I like the snow because it makes (even) me look attractive for a while. Snow is like the mask I wear. It’s like the fences we erect and the walls we build; the beautiful facade that hides all our blemishes and our stains and our ugliness. But snow is fleeting. It doesn’t last. It all melts away revealing once again the harsh reality of the cold, hard ground. The only hope is to await the arrival of spring.

And so it is with us. Our only hope is to await the arrival of spring – the promise of new life. As we acknowledge the state of our hearts, confess our need to be made alive and believe in the power of Jesus Christ to make us new creatures, something extraordinary happens: we are strangely warmed as our hearts begin to soften and our spirits begin to yield. The callousness begins to disappear as we are adorned with the character of Christ. Suddenly we find that we don’t long for the fleeting beauty of the snow to cover us anymore. We don’t have to build barriers and walls and fences. We don’t need the fugacious facades to hide behind because we are becoming beautiful, just as, in the beginning, we were all intended to be.

Soon it will be summer again. And once again the land around me will be teeming with lush green grass and tall flourishing trees. The gently rolling, blue hills in the distance and the misty rays of sunshine forming arbitrary boundaries around the fields will complete the perfect backdrop for this idyllic setting.

Summer again – because God, in His faithfulness, brought to life that which was dead.

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amplecti magnitudinem – Embrace Greatness

The people who dwell on this earth in this generation have a great responsibility to stand together for truth, for justice, for righteousness and for peace; ours is a sacred task that must not be taken lightly. Regardless of race, color, creed, national origin or sexual orientation we are called on to think rationally, to move intentionally, to act responsibly and to love unconditionally. We can – and must – effect real change in our world. But let us remember that any good there may be in mankind, whatever virtue may be found in us is simply a vestige of the Imago Dei. Mighty dictators have come and gone. Great civilizations have risen and fallen. We mortals have no intrinsic power apart from that which the Almighty has granted us. So let us rise … but let us look to Him for wisdom and strength, to His Spirit for guidance and empowerment, and let us look to Jesus Christ to be our Example, our Inspiration, our Savior and our Very Great Reward. When He is that for all of us, real and lasting change can happen and mankind can begin to embrace the greatness for which we were created!

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Why we need another Lincoln!

I stood in awe again last night at the sight of the Lincoln Memorial, resplendent with empyreal radiance, illuminating the darkness above the DC skyline. And in my reverie, I was reminded that there are two primary reasons why Abraham Lincoln was the greatest president the United States has ever known:

REASON #1: He was a man of the BOOK!




REASON #2: He was a man of PRAYER!







Oh for another president who shares and upholds these core values: values that shaped our nation, values that made us strong; values that kept us anchored in the deadliest of storms! Where have those days gone?  To our shame God’s Word and Prayer have been ignored; our Constitution has been compromised; our values have been revoked! Consequently, we have mislaid our moral bearings, we have lost our strength … and our anchor is no longer secure!

God help us! Send us another Abraham!

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RELFECTIONS ON ABRAHAM: Why Abraham is my hero! part 2

(this was originally posted on my Facebook page May 1, 2010)

Abraham, from Ur of the Chaldees, is my new hero for two big reasons. The second reason is nearly as incredible as the first.

Reason #2. “Abraham, when called to go … obeyed and went, even though he did not know where he was going.”

Isn’t that fantastic? The old boy liked to live on the edge, there’s no doubt about that. But doesn’t that strike you as being just a little bit irresponsible? Crazy? Impetuous, or at best, eccentric? He went – but didn’t know where he was going. What was He thinking?

See, Abraham didn’t HAVE to know where he was going because he knew the One who had set the course, the One who would lead him, the One who would go with him all the way. He didn’t HAVE to know where he was going to end up… in order to get there. All Abe had to do was lift his foot in the first step of obedience … and God would set that foot down in the right direction. And as far as we know, Abraham was ok with that. That’s why he’s my hero.

This big adventure all happened 25 years or so before Isaac was born, but still it wasn’t just Abraham that was effected by this massive mystery move. He took his wife, his nephew, their servants, all the possessions they had accumulated and the people they had acquired, herds of livestock … and who knows what else. And because God had told him to go, he went – picked up his tents and went – not knowing where he was going. East or West, North or South? He didn’t know. He just went. He knew they would end up in a different country. He knew it would be a different culture with different customs and perhaps a strange language. He knew they would encounter hardships and opposition along the way. He knew all of that. But he knew God would be there. Instinctively, he must have known what the Psalmist would write centuries later: “even if I settle on the far side of the sea, even there Your hand will guide me, Your right hand will hold me fast” (Ps. 139:9-10). But still, it couldn’t have been easy for him. He and his posse had become well settled in the land. They were respected and loved by the people. They were comfortable. Life was ok.

But God said to Him, “Abe. I want you to go. Take your stuff and your peeps and leave this land of your fathers …. just go. I’ll tell you when to stop and I’ll tell you where you are when you get there.” So … “by faith Abraham, when called to go to a place he would later receive as his inheritance, obeyed and went, even though he did not know where he was going” (Hebrews 11:8).

At the risk of personalising this too much … I feel a bit like Abraham at the moment. We don’t know exactly where God wants us to go we just sense that it’s time to go. And so, in obedience, we are going, even though we don’t know exactly where we are going. God has a plan and it’s probably much bigger than anything I can think of. I’m sure it’ll be very different from any scenario I can dream up. My only desire is to know God’s will and to be in the centre of it because I know that His will is by far the best place to be. I would LOVE to know where we will be 3, 5, 7 months from now, but I don’t HAVE to know … because I know the One who has set the course, the One who will continue to lead me, the One who will go with me all the way. I don’t HAVE to know where I am going to end up … in order to get there. All I have to do is lift my foot in the first step of obedience … and God will set that foot down in the right direction. I’m ok with that.

So thanks Abe. Thanks for showing me that it’s ok to trust God in this way. Thanks for showing me that trust and obedience are the two main ingredients for a man of faith. Thanks for being my role model, my hero. And thank You, God, for being the same yesterday, today and forever.

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REFLECTIONS ON ABRAHAM: Why Abraham is my hero! part 1

(this was originally posted on my Facebook page April 30, 2010)

Abraham, of Ur, is my new hero. Not because he was a perfect specimen of humankind – he certainly wasn’t. Not because he was the father of many nations; not because God made his name great; not even because ‘all peoples on earth’ would be blessed through him…but for two other reasons.

REASON #1. “Abraham believed God, and it was credited to him as righteousness.”

Before the Law, before the Old Testament was written or the New Testament conceived, before there were any tabernacles or temples or churches, long before Jesus lived on earth and died on a cross, before there were any such things as Christian fellowships or small group Bible Studies or inspirational books … Abraham believed God. He didn’t just believe that God existed. He staked his life, and his honor on the FACT of God, and the reality of God’s personal interaction with him. “Against all hope Abraham, in hope, believed and so became the father of many nations… without weakening in his faith, he faced the fact that his body was as good as dead … and that Sarah’s womb was also dead. Yet he did not waver through unbelief regarding the promise of God, but was strengthened in his faith and gave glory to God, being fully persuaded that God had power to do what He had promised” (Rom 4:18-21 – NIV).

Abe’s my hero because when everything was hopeless he kept on hoping, believing the unbelievable, holding on to the impossible, until God made good on His promise. Listen to this affirming tribute to Abraham’s incredible trust in God: “without weakening in his faith” … “did not waver through unbelief” … “fully persuaded that God had power to do what He had promised.” We have the record of 4,000 plus years of God’s personal dealings with man. We have the patriarchs and the prophets and the apostles. We have the Gospels, the early church fathers and two thousand years of Christian teaching. We have the full benefits of the atoning sacrifice of Christ, and the Holy Spirit dwelling within us to teach us and guide us into all truth. We’ve read books and heard sermons and experienced God at work personally in our own lives and the lives of others … and yet, how many of us believe God the way Abraham believed God?

For example: It was utterly and completely physically impossible for Abraham and Sarah to have children, yet he was promised that they would. “Abraham didn’t focus on his own impotence and say, “It’s hopeless. This hundred-year-old body could never father a child.” Nor did he survey Sarah’s decades of infertility and give up. He didn’t tiptoe around God’s promise asking cautiously sceptical questions. He plunged into the promise and came up strong, ready for God, sure that God would make good on what He had said” (Rom 4:19-21 – MSG).

And then there’s the whole Isaac thing. After waiting a decade for Isaac to finally be born, and knowing that it would be through Isaac’s offspring that God would do His amazing work, he takes the boy up on the mountain top, builds an altar, lays his son upon it, and draws the sword to offer him as a sacrifice … just because God told him to do it. If it were me, I would have been convinced that I heard God wrong. But Abraham? No. “Abraham reasoned that God could raise the dead” (Hebrews 11:19). Where did Abraham get that idea? Nobody had EVER been raised from the dead before. There was no such thing. Dead men don’t just … rise from the dead. Why would Abraham have thought that? Some would have called Abraham a fool. I call him a hero. Oh that we might trust God the way that Abraham trusted God.

Sure Abraham lived long before Jesus ever physically walked the dusty streets of Israel; and long before the death and resurrection of Jesus facilitated righteousness for all who would believe on Him. But Abraham totally and completely believed God, and the righteousness that comes by faith, was granted to him…. by faith. The guy is my hero.

~ to be continued ~

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