The Heartbeat of Prayer

There is no greater work on earth in which to engage than prayer. There is no greater power to possess, no greater weapon to employ, no greater instrument to wield, no greater strategy to effect change in the world than prayer.  There is no closer communion, no sweeter fellowship and no deeper bond than that which we experience with God in prayer.  It is the heartfelt cry of the creature to the Creator; the sacred tryst of the mortal with the Immortal; the intimate exchange between the human and the Divine! Prayer is, at the same time, the easiest, and the most difficult form of communication.  It requires only the faith of a small child yet often demands the discipline of a master.  It is our humble service in the present age, and our greatest investment in the age to come.  

Through prayer, God supplies all we need to live lives that honor Him, all we need to do His will, and all we need to stand firm in the face of the enemy’s wicked schemes. Therefore, our adversary, the devil, will do everything in his limited power to block the channel of prayer. He will stoop to the lowest level and stop at nothing to keep us from praying. He will employ every trick, every device and every strategy to distract us from our time alone with God. He will lie to us, steal from us, torture us and deceive us in every possible way; his aim is to destroy. God’s aim is to give life. Therefore, do not give the enemy a foothold. Resist Him and he will flee from you. Draw near to God. Consciously, deliberately, intentionally, draw near to God, and He will draw near to you.  Find solace, strength, wisdom and hope in the shadow of His wings.    

About Steve Hughes

Steve is an ordinary old(ish) guy with an extraordinary passion for God! He toured internationally for six years as a singer/songwriter, pastored churches in Switzerland, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and the US, and now serves as a regional mobilizer with World Gospel Mission in Marion, Indiana. What you'll find here is neither the fruit of some colossal intellect nor the senseless ramblings of a madman. You will find, however, nothing more than a random assortment of occasional thoughts.
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