Broken! Broken people everywhere!

Broken lives! Broken dreams! Broken relationships! Broken hearts!

The world is full of brokenness: in the workplace, in our families, on social media, in the church…ever since the fateful day in Eden brokenness has been our via vitae!

Is there a cure? a fix? a remedy? There must be!

Is it in our healthcare systems? No!

Is it in religion or philosophy, science or psychology? No!

Is it in the arts? entertainment? No!

Education? No!

The government? Clearly not!

The only cure for a broken world is Jesus Christ!

He doesn’t have the answer. He IS the Answer!

He doesn’t just show the way. He IS the Way!

He doesn’t just speak the truth. He IS the Truth!

He doesn’t just give us life. He is the very definition and essence of life itself!

Everything we need for this life and eternity is in Him! In Him, we live, and move and have our very existence! In Him, all things are held together!

If you have ever been forsaken, ignored, or rejected, chances are you’ve got some remaining vestiges of brokenness in your life! If you’ve ever been ostracized or excluded because of your age, creed, gender, or race, you’ve probably got some brokenness! If you’ve ever been a victim of abuse, struggled with addiction, stuck in poverty, or suffered with physical, emotional, or mental health issues, you know all too well what brokenness is all about!

The amazing and shocking truth is that Jesus Christ, the very Essence of the invisible and eternal God, came and walked among us taking on the nature of our broken humanity! He knows firsthand what brokenness looks like and feels like because He too was broken!

So I implore you right now, wherever you are, whatever you are doing – whether you’ve ever trusted or believed in God or not – call out to Him today! Confess your sins, give Him your brokenness, resolve to live for Him in His power, and see if some of those broken pieces don’t start coming back together again!

About Steve Hughes

Steve is an ordinary old(ish) guy with an extraordinary passion for God! He toured internationally for six years as a singer/songwriter, pastored churches in Switzerland, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and the US, and now serves as a regional mobilizer with World Gospel Mission in Marion, Indiana. What you'll find here is neither the fruit of some colossal intellect nor the senseless ramblings of a madman. You will find, however, nothing more than a random assortment of occasional thoughts.
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